Christmas Time is Here

Words & Music by Lee Mendelson & Vince Guaraldi
Recorded by Vince Guaraldi, 1965
From the Peanuts Christmas TV special "A Charlie Brown Christmas"*

C#m7       C#m7alt AM7 DM7   C#m7     C#m7alt AM7  DM7   
Christ - mas time  is  here, hap - pi - ness  and cheer, 

AM7         F#m  Bm           Bm7
Fun for all that chil - dren call

Bm7/E  D9         Dm6  Bm7-5 AM7/9
Their fav' - rite time  of   year. 

C#m7        C#m7alt AM7 DM7 C#m7      C#m7alt  AM7   DM7   
Snow - flakes  in   the air, car - ols   ev' - ry - where, 

AM7            F#m Bm          Bm7
Ol - den times and an - cient rhymes 

Bm7/E  D9       Dm6  Bm7-5 AM7/9
 Of   love and dreams  to  share. 

  A         AM7 F#m DM7   A        AM7   F#m   DM7   
Sleigh bells in the air; beau - ty ev' - ry - where; 

 A         AM7 C#m7-5 F#m
Yule - tide by   the  fire - side 

    D9      Bm7-5    Dm6    E7
And joy - ful mem' - ries there. 

C#m7        C#m7alt AM7 DM7    C#m7       C#m7alt AM7  DM7   
Christ - mas  time  is  here;  fam'lies be draw - ing near; 

AM7          F#m  Bm        Bm7
Oh, that we could al - ways see 

Bm7/E D9         Dm6    Bm7-5 AM7/9
 Such spi - rit through  the  year. 

An instant classic from the moment of its first airing on December 9, 1965, the animated special won both an Emmy Award and a Peabody Award for excellence in programming. Vince Guaraldi's jazz music track was an off-beat choice for a cartoon, but it was magic. Suggested by frequent visitor Bob A.

A recent e-mail from the lyricist's son confirmed for me that while the music was composed by Guaraldi, the lyrics were the work of Lee Mendelson.

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