Close Your Eyes

Words & Music by Bernice Petkere
Recorded by Doris Day, 1959*

E7-9     A9           Dm6
Under a midnight sky,
E7-9        F      Am
Watching a single star.
A7               G     G9   C
Thrilled by the beauty up above.
  E         E7-9    E7
Alone, just you and I,
E7-9        F       Am
With just a soft guitar,
 F              E7-9   E7      Am
Thrilled by the beauty of our love.

Am         Dm
Close your eyes,
Am         Dm  D9 Em  F     F7/6  F   E7
Rest your head on my shoul - der and sleep.
E7-9  E7    Am      Fdim            Am
Close your eyes, and  I will close mine.

Am         Dm
Close your eyes, 
Am         Dm  D9  Em     F   F7/6    F    E7
Let's pretend that we're both count - ing sheep.
E7-9  E7    Am      Fdim      Am   A7
Close your eyes -- this is divine.

A      Em7    A7  
Music plays 
Em7         A7         Em7     A7              Edim    A7
Something dreamy for dancing, while we're ro - manc - ing,
     Cdim       Am7
It's loves holiday.
     Dm7      F      E7-9
And love will be our guide.

Am         Dm
Close your eyes,
Am       Dm  D9   Dm     F   F7/6 F   E7
When you o - pen them, Dear, I'll be near
E7-9  E7   Am       
By   your side.
E7-9          Fdim        Am
 So won't you close your eyes?
Fdim  E7+5    A
Close your eyes.

*I'm crediting Day's 1959 version here, even though it does not contain the intro I show here -- which comes from Cleo Layne's recording issued some 30 years after Day's.

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