Cool Yule

Words & Music by Steve Allen
Recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1952

G          E7            Am7      D7
From Coney Island to The Sunset Strip,

G          E7           Am7    D7
Somebody's gonna make a happy trip

Cdim   G   B7  E7            Am7      G
 To - night,      while the moon is bright.

G          E7            Am7    D7
He's gonna have a bag of crazy toys

D            B7             E7       A7
To give the groanies of the boys and girls;

Cdim G  B7  E7        Am7  D7  G   G7
 So dig,       Santa comes on big.


              C      Cdim      Dm7       G7
He'll come a callin' when the snows the most,

              C       Cdim      Dm7      G7
When all you cats are sleepin' warm as toast;

    B7        B7/F#    Cdim        B7
And you gonna flip when Old Saint Nick

 E7     Bm7-5       Am7          D7
Takes a lick on the peppermint stick.

G            E7            Am7    D7
He'll come a flyin' from a higher place

G             E7             Am7   D7
And fill the stocking by the fire place

Cdim G    B7  E7        Am7  D7     G   E7  C  Edim  D
 So you'll,     have a yule that's cool.

 D     Am7   D6     G
Have a yule that's cool!

*Suggested by recent visitor Scott Hinds.

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