Words & Music by Roy Orbison & Joe Melson
Recorded by Roy Orbison, 1961 (#2)

I was all right for a while I could smile for a while;

But I saw you last night you held my hand so tight

        G              Gm
As you stopped to say hello.

       D                   Bm7-5    A7
Oh you wished me well, you couldn't tell that I'd been

D      F#m            D    F#m
Crying  o - ver you, crying o - ver you,

      G            A           Em7     G/B     A7
Then you said so long, left me standing   all alone

           D       D+      G       Gm
Alone and crying, crying, crying, crying --

             D   D9        Bm7  Bm7/E
It's hard to un  -  der - stand

        G/B  A7sus4           A7                 D
But the touch        of your hand can start me crying.

I thought that I was over you, but it's true, so true

I love you even more than I did before

G                       Gm
But darling, what can I do?

         D         D6         Bm7-5      E7
Now you don't love me and I'll al - ways be

D      F#m            D    F#m
Crying  o - ver you, crying o - ver you

G                A        Em7       G/B    A7
Yes, now you're gone, and from this moment on

         D       D+      G       Gm
I'll be crying, crying, crying, crying

    D        Bm     G        A7       D  A7  D  G  D
I'm crying, crying  o  - - - - - ver you.

Orbison's version is the benchmark by which all other versions are measured, but it was also recorded by Jay and the Americans in 1966 (#25) and by Don McLean, who reached #5 in 1981.

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