Cuddle Up A Little Closer

Words & Music by Otto Harbach & Karl Hoschna, 1907
Recorded by Julie London, 1957

Intro: A - C#7  D - Cdim  A   E7/6 - E7 - E7sus4  A  E7

A   Cdim        A9        F#m        A    Bm7 E7
Cud   -  dle up lit - tle clo - ser, ba - by mine,

E7  Fdim           E7   Bm7-5        E7    Cdim A
Cud  -  dle up and be my lit - tle cling - ing vine,

F#7               Gdim     F#7  Bm
Like to feel your cheek so ro - sey,

 E7             Bm7-5     Fdim   A
Like to make you com - fy, co - zy,

  D               Bm7-5   Cdim   F#7 
'Cause I love from head to tos - ey,

D9  E7/6 A
Ba - by  mine.

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