Daddy's Little Girl

Words & Music by Boby Burke & Horace Gerlach
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1950 (#5)
Also recorded by Al Martino, 1967 (#2)

            G                     B7
You're the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold,

        Em             B+     B7
You're daddy's little girl to have and to hold.

   C       Am7     G   B7   E7
A precious gem is what you are,

       A7   Bm7-5  A7        D9  Am7    D7
You're mom - my's bright and shi-ning star.

            G                       B7
You're the spirit of Christmas, my star on the tree,

           Em     B+       B7
You're the Easter Bunny to mommy and me;

        C             Am7          G      B7    E7
You're sugar, you're spice, you're ev'-ry-thing nice,

           A7       D7     G    Gdim   D7
And you're daddy's little girl.

(Instrumental Interlude -- First Half)

            G                      B7
You're the treasure I cherish, so sparkling and bright;

          Em            B+        B7
You were touched by the holy and beautiful light.

      C          Am7      G      B7   E7
Like angels that sing, a hea-ven-ly thing,

           A7       D7     G   Am7 alt   G
And you're daddy's little girl

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