Dancing In the Dark

Words & Music by Howard Dietz & Arthur Schwartz
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1958

DM7             D6  Bm7       Fdim(III) Fdim
Dancing in the dark,   til the   tune   ends,

       Em     B+      Em7 Em6       Gm7  A7/6
We're dancing in the dark,   and it soon ends.

       D               Dm        Am        F7
We're waltzing in the wonder of why we're here;

Gm7         Gdim Edim  Bb9       A7        
Time hurries by, we're here and gone.

DM7              D6  Bm7     Fdim(III) Fdim
Looking for the light    of a   new    love;

   Em       B+      Em7  Em6       Gm7    A7/6
To brighten up the night,   I have you to love,

    D               Dm          F7   A7-9
And we can face the music to - geth - er 

First Ending:

D              Gdim   D - Bb9 - A7-9 - A7
Dancing in the dark.


G           Em7      A7   F#m          Bm     Bm7
What though love is old?  What though song is old?

G       G/F# Em7 A7      D6
Through them we can be young.

G          A7           F#m7    Bm7
Hear this heart of mine wailin' all the time.

E7        Em7     G/B   A7   A7+5
Dear one, tell me that we're one!

(Instrumental interlude -- one verse)

(Repeat second verse)

Second Ending

D              G      D             Gm7   Em7    G/B A7+5  D
Dancing in the dark, dancing in the dark, dancing in  the dark.

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