Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Words & Music by Al Dubin & Joe Burke
Recorded by Ruth Etting, 1930 (#1)

Intro Verse:

D7         G           D7               G     D7
Those who dance and romance while they dance --

G            Edim      Am7    
They seem so happy and gay;

            Am               Am+7           Am7 Am6
Though they sing while they swing and they sway,

A         Gdim  Cdim        D    D9  D7
Somehow I can't feel that way.

           G           Cdim  Am7    G   G6
I've been dancing with tears in my eyes,

  D7       G         Edim        Am7     D9 
'Cause the boy in my arms wasn't you;

Am           Am+7      Am7   Am6
Dancing with somebody new,

          D9           D7    Edim    G
When it's you that my hearts calling to.

Am        Dmm     Am        E7
Trying to smile, once in a while,

    Am         Am+7        D    D7
But I find that so hard to do.

Am7   D    G           Cdim  Am7    G    G/F#  E7
I've been dancing with tears in my eyes,

           C         Cdim Am7   D7   G
'Cause the boy in my arms was - n't you.

Nat Shilkret had a number 1 version of this song in 1930.

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