Danger! Heartbreak Ahead

Words & Music by Carl Barefoot & Carl Struts
Recorded by Jaye P. Morgan, 1955 (#12)

D      F#m C#m7-5       F#7
Danger,    heartbreak ahead;

      G          Em7  Edim        D
Look out little fool, you're not wise,

D+   G       E7         D   B7
Not wise to love so completely

   E7/9 E7 E7alt Bm7-5 Cdim     A7
Or fall for that  look  in his eyes.

D      F#m C#m7-5       F#7
Danger,    heartbreak ahead;

    G          Em7   Edim      D    
Be sure little heart, for you know,

D+        G        E7          D      Gm7 
Yes, you know what happened to you before --

        E7/9   A7         D
There's danger,   travel slow.


 D7       G           Em7            D       B7
Does his kiss really mean what you think it means?

        G     G/F#     A7    Gdim   D
Are the words that he whis - pers, true?

D7       G       G/F#   Em7       D           Bm7
Are you sure you understand, the touch of his hand?

         E7/9   E7 E7alt Bm7-5 Cdim  A7
Does his touch mean too  much   to  you?

D      F#m C#m7-5         F#7
Maybe         I could be wrong,

        G           Em7  Edim      D  
But go slow, little fool, for it's said

D+    G          Edim            D         Gdim   B7
That love either finds you, or love either blinds you

       E7/9   E7    A7       Edim   D
To the danger of a heartbreak  a - head.

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