Day By Day

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl & Paul Weston, 1945
Recorded by Jo Stafford, 1953

Em7  E7sus4  A9     Em6     Em7    E7sus4     A9
Day   by    day I'm falling more in love with you,

Cdim  G9  G   Em          C9      Bm7-5      E9
And   day by day my love seems to grow.

      Am        B7             Em   Em+7   Em7
There isn't any end to my de - vo - tion,

     Em     A7       Em7       A7  Am7   D7
It's deeper dear, by far, than any  o - cean.

  Cdim      Em7 E7sus4  A9                     
I find that day   by   day, 

       Em6    Em7    E7sus4       A9
You're making all my dreams come true;

Cdim  G9   G   Em     C9          E7-9   E7
So   come what may, I want you to know

     Am7   Cm7       Am7    G   Bb9  E7
I'm yours alone, and I'm in love to stay

First Time:

   Am7               Cm7   Cdim   G     D7   Am7    D7 
As we go through the years day by day.

Last Time:

   Am7                Cm7 Cdim     G    Am7   G
As we go through the years day by day.

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