Dear Hearts and Gentle People

Words & Music by Bob Hilliard & Sammy Fain
Recorded by Dinah Shore, 1949

  A7          D    D7         G      D       A7  D
I love those dear hearts and gentle people,

            Bm7       Em7  A7
Who live in my home town.

  Fdim         D   D7          G      Gdim
Because those dear hearts and gentle people

     D     Bm7   A   A7   D  Fdim  A7
Will never ever let you down.

    (A7)      D    D7        G         D       A7  D
They read the good Book from Fri' till Monday,

              Bm7       Em7  A7
That's how the weekend goes.

   Fdim     D     D7        G           Gm7
I've got a dream house I'll build there one day,

     D      Bm7        Em7   A7    D
With picket fence and ram - blin' rose.


  D7      G   Em         D      A7    D
I feel so welcome each time that I return

        Bm                 Bm7    Bm7-5    E7   A7
That my happy heart keeps laughin' like a clown.

  (A7)     D     D7         G      Gm7
I love the dear hearts and gentle people,

    D         Bm7   Em7  A7   D
Who live and love in my home town.

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