Della And The Dealer

Words & Music by Hoyt Axton
Recorded by Hoyt Axton, 1979
Featured on an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati

It was Della and the Dealer and a dog name Jake, 

And a cat named Kalamazoo,

F                    Bb
Left the city in a pickup truck --

       G                     D
Gonna make some dreams come true.

Well, they rolled out west where the wild sun sets, 

And the coyote bays at the moon,

    F                       Bb
Della and the Dealer and a dog name Jake, 

       G               D
And a cat named Kalamazoo.


If that cat could talk, what a tale he'd tell

'Bout Della and the Dealer and the dog, as well,

But the cat was cool, and he never said a mumblin' word.

Down Tucson way there's an old cafe 
Where they play a country tune;
The guitar picker was a friend of mine 
By the name of Randy Boone.
Well, Randy played her a sweet love song, 
And Della got a fire in her eye:
The Dealer had a gun, and the dog had a knife, 
And the cat had a shot of rye.

(Repeat Refrain)

Well, the Dealer was a killer, he was evil and mean, 
And he was jealous of the fire in her eye;
He snorted his coke through a century note, 
And he swore that Boone would die.
Well, the stage was set when the lights went out, 
There was death in Tucson town; 
Bodies ran for the bar back door, 
But one stayed on the ground.

(Repeat Refrain)

Two bodies ran from the bar that night, 
And a dog and a cat ran, too;
The tires got hot on the pickup truck 
As down the road they flew.
It was Della and her love and a dog named Jake 
And a cat named Kalamazoo,
Left Tucson in a pickup truck, 
Gonna make some dreams come true.

(Repeat Refrain)

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