Devil May Care

Words & Music by Johnny Burke & Harry Warren
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1940 (#7), Ray Eberle vocal

 G    G/F#  Em7  Edim           D
Here goes,      looks like I'm falling;

G   G/F#  Em7 Edim           D
Call me       "Dev - il May Care."

A  Em7  A7 G    Em7     D
I know     it shouldn't be,

    F#m     C#7          Em7         A7
But you know me, pal -- I'll take a dare.

 A   G/B    A7  G   G/F#  Em7 Edim           D
Who knows, but this time,      I    may be lucky, 

G   G/F#  Em7 Edim          B7
This may        be on the square;

 G   G/F#  Em7 Edim  A7       D     F#m   Bm7/E
Here goes,      it's an ad - ven - ture --

Gdim  G   G/F#  Em7 Edim   A7    D
Just call  me       "Devil May Care"! 

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