Words & Music by Erno Rapee & Lew Pollack, 1927
Recorded by The Bachelors, 1964 (#10)

        A7          A7+5      D6       Fdim    D6
I'm in heaven when I see you smile;

Bm        Em  Gdim  A7  A+   D6
Smile for me,           my Diane.

           A7                A7+5     Bm
And though ev'rything's dark all the while

       F#  C#7   F#  Cdim   A7
I can see you, Diane.

          A7              A7+5    D6      Fdim    D6
You have lighted the road leading home;

Bm       Em  Gdim  A7  A+      D6
Pray for me           when you can.

       A7         A7+5    Bm
But no matter wherever I roam,

          D6  Cdim  A7 A7+5   D
Smile for me,       my  Di - ane.

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