Don't Blame Me

Words & Music by Dorothy Fields & Jimmy McHugh
Recorded by Sarah Vaughn, 1947

C      Bb   A  A7     Fm7         G7       CM7   CM7/6
Don't blame me    for falling in love with you;

    Fm7         G7        Gm7        A7
I'm under your spell, but how can I help itů

Dm7    G7   C   G7
Don't blame me.

C     Bb   A   A7      Fm7         G7        CM7 CM7/6
Can't you see,    when you do the things you do,

  Fm7         G7        Gm7            A7
If I can't conceal the thrill that I'm feeling,

Dm7    G7   C   F   Cdim   C7
Don't blame me.


F      Fm7      Bm7-5     E7       Am  Am+7  Am7  Am6
I can't help it  if  that dog-gone moon a - bove
  D   Am7 D7   Am7         Dm7 Dm7-5 G7
Makes me need someone like you  to  love.

 C     Bb   A    A7      Fm7        G7     CM7  CM7/6
Blame your kiss,     as sweet as a kiss can be,

     Fm7            G7         Gm7         A7
And blame all your charms that melt in my arms, but

First Time:

Dm7    G7   C    F   Cdim  C7
Don't blame me.

Repeat Bridge:

Repeat Final Verse:

Last Time:

Dm7    G7   Em6  A7   Dm7   Dm7-5 CM7 CM7/6
Don't blame me        don't blame me.

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