Don't Wait Too Long

Words & Music by Sonny Skylar
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1965

D           F#m       Bm       Bm7/E
You are the summer and I am the autumn -- 

Em7   Em7/9 Em7  A7
Don't  wait too long;

Em7           A7             G/B   Cdim     A7   Em7
Your song's beginning, while mine's nearly sung -- 

 G    Edim A7   D    DM7
Don't wait too long.


G         Cdim   Em          Edim
Fall is a lovely time of the year, 

A7    D6            Em7  Gdim  D9
When leaves turn to gold and brown;

    Bm           F#7     Bm7       B7
But soon fall is ending, winter is near,

         G      G/F# Em7   Em6    A7
And the leaves start tum - blin' down.

D            F#m        Bm         Bm7/E
Why must the moments go by in such haste? 

Em7   Em7/9 Em7  A7
Don't wait too long.

Em7        A7        G/B Cdim     A7   Em7
Winter is coming I've no time to waste -- 

G    Edim A7   D    DM7  D7 
Don't wait too long.

   G                G/F#     Em7        Em6    
So while my heart's gay and foolish and free,

    D         F#m        B7
And still can sing it's song,

 Em         B+        G         Em6   A7 
Share ev'ry precious moment with me -

      Edim A7   D6
Don't wait too long.

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