Don't Worry 'Bout Me

Words & Music by Rube Bloom & Ted Koehler
Recorded by Artie Shaw, Helen Forrest vocal, 1938

      E7         Bm7-5  E7 Fdim       AM7
Don't worry 'bout me,      I'll get along;

   Bm7      Bm7-5  E7    Fdim      A6
Forget about me,      be happy my love.

      D9                  Dm6               D9     Dm6   Fdim
Let's say that our little show is over, and so the story ends;

E7 Fdim  A                F7       Dm7      E7   Fdim  E7
Why not call it a day the sensible way, and still be friends?

E7   Fdim E7      Bm7-5   E7    Fdim AM7
No, "Look out for your - self" should be the rule;

           A7       Em7   A7     G/B A7   Em7  A7
Give your heart and your love to whomever you love, 

A7+5 D     D6   A
Oh,  don't be a fool.

         D9                      Dm6         Fdim        A   D9 A
Darling, why should you cling to some fading thing that used to be?

Gdim Cdim D9  Bm7-5     E7       Bm7-5    E7  A
For   if  you can't forget, don't worry 'bout me.

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