Down Yonder

Words & Music by L. Wolfe Gilbert, 1921
Recorded by Red Foley, 1962

Intro Verse:

D             E7            A7        D
Railroad train, railroad train, hurry some more;

E7         A7               D
Put a little steam on just like never before.

D         E7       A7        D
Hustle on, bustle on, I've got the blues,

E7         A7
Yearning for my Swanee shore.

Em        B+    Em7   Em6  E7                 A7
Brother if you only knew,     you'd want to hurry up, too.


D    A9        D alt    D
Down yonder, someone beckons to me,

G     E7          G
Down yonder, someone reckons on me.

  D           A7   D
I seem to see a race in mem - o - ry

D         A7            D
Between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee.

Swanee shore, I miss you more and more;

Ev'ryday, my mammy land, you're simply grand

D   A7             D
Down yonder, when the folks get the news,

Don't wonder at the hullabaloo.

         D    A7              DA7   D
There's Daddy and Mammy, there's Ephram and Sammy,

E7        A7      D     Cdim    A7
Waitin' down yonder for me.

D             E7            A7        D
Summer night, fields of white, bright cotton moon 

E7         A7            D
My, but I feel glad I'm gonna see you all soon!

D             E7       A7         D
'Lasses cakes mammy bakes, I taste them now.

Em        B+         Em7   Em6
I'll see my sweetie once more, 

E7                     A7
There's lots of kissing in store.

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