Words & Music by Jay Livingston, Ray Evans & Henri Mancini
Recorded by Lola Albright, 1959*

AM7     Em7/9      Am7  AM7   E7sus4
I'm in dreamsville,    holding you

A7-9   D6/9  D9  Bm7  C#m7-5    F#7     Bb9   E7
 A    dream - y view,  just  we two a - lone with

AM7     Em7/9        Am7  AM7   E7sus4
Love in dreamsville;     time is new, 

A7-9  D6/9 D9  Bm7  Bm7-5 Bm7 Bb9 A9
We're here to love        and  we do.

A7     Bm7     C#7   D      E7  Bm7-5 AM7/9    F#m
We can see the rest of the world be - low   us 

 E7  AM7/9 Fdim(III)  A   AM7  A7
From  our    pink   cloud

A7/6      Bm7      C#7  D   E7  Bm7-5 AM7/9  F#m
There's no boundary to this mag - ic  land

  C#m7-5        F#7       Bm7-5     E7
As  we  go ex - plo - ring hand-in-hand 

Cdim AM7    Em7/9       Am7 AM7   E7sus4
 In dreamy dreamsville,     far a - way

A7-9 D6/9 D9  Bm7  Bm7-5  Bb9  AM7/9
And  here we love,  here we'll stay.

*Those of you old enough to remember that this song came from the TV series Peter Gunn will recognize the name of Lola Albright, who played cabaret singer Edie Hart. Hearing Diana Krall's version of this reminded me of the song - and the original Mancini instrumental version that I fell in love with is still available if you look for it.

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