Easy Come, Easy Go

Words & Music by Edward Heyman & John W. Green, 1934
Recorded by Anita O'Day, 1959

D6    B7   G   Gdim     
Easy come, easy go -- 

D6         Bm7      G        G/F#      Em7
That's the way, if love must have it's day,

A7+5 D6    B7   G  G/F# Em7 A7     F#7 B7  G  A7
Then easy come,             let it go.

D6    B7    G    Gdim
No remorse, no regrets --

D6         Bm7   G     G/F#  Em7
We should part exactly as we met,

A7+5 D6    B7   G  G/F# Em7 A7  D   DM7  D7
Just easy come,            easy go.


G  G/F# Em7        A7         F#m    B7
We          never dreamt of romantic dan -  gers,

    G   G/F#         Em7              E7
But now      that it ends, let's be friends

    G   F#m  Bm7    Edim
And not two stran - gers.

D6    B7    G   Gdim
Easy come, easy go

D6      Bm7     G       G/F#   Em7
Here we are, so Darling, au revoir --

A7+5 D6    B7   G  G/F# Em7 A7  D6  Edim  Dalt
It's easy come,            easy go. 

This one was suggested by a visitor to the site, who also helped with a lyric transcription. While Anita O'Day's version is credited here, I had only a fragment of it to work with, and so I relied on a much more recent Diana Krall interpretation to flesh out the song.

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