Easy Street

Words & Music by Alan Rankin Jones, 1941
Recorded by Julie London, 1955

 A      F#m  D9        E7            A      A7   D9
Easy Street,     I'd love to live on Easy Street. 

  Dm6  E7-9     A     F#7
Nobody works on Easy Street --

D9          E7       A9    F#m
Just lie around all day, 

     D9     Bm7-5     E7-9   E7
Just sit and play the  hor - ses.

A        F#m  D9      E7                A    A7   D9
Life is sweet    for folks who live on Easy Street

Dalt  D6    Dm6      A        F#7
No   weekly payments you must meet

Dalt            E7/9       A9
That makes your hair turn grey.


 A   A9   A7    D9     D         D9     D
When op - por - tu - nity comes knock - in',

         D9   Dm           D9    Dm
You just keep on with your rock - in'

            A9   A   A9     A      A7
'Cause you know your for - tune's made;

A   A9 A7   D9        D         D9     D
And if the sun makes you per - spire,

          D9       Dm       D9 - Dm
There's a man that you can hire

    B7    Cdim    B7  Cdim      E7   E9   A  E7-9 
To plant trees so you can have shade.

   A      F#m   D9             E7   A      A7   D9
On Easy Street,   I'm telling everyone I meet

           Dm6       A    F#7
If I could live on Easy Street

D9          E      F#7  Edim  F#7
I'd want no job today,

Gdim  D9  E7/6  D9  Dm6  AM7
 So please go 'way.

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