Easy To Love

Words & Music by Cole Porter
Recorded by Ray Noble, 1935

D     D6    Em7     G/B
You'd be so easy to love, 

   F#m      F#m7        G      Gdim  
So easy to idolize all others above,

G   Gm        D       B7
So worth the yearning for,

G   Gm        D        B7        Em7      A7
So swell to keep ev'ry home fire burning for.

D     D6     Em7         G/B
You'd be so, grand at the game,

   F#m        F#m7            G          Gdim
So carefree together that it does seem a shame

     DM7       Dm6       A         F#7
That you can't see your future with me,

       F7    E7  G   Em7 G/B   A  A7+5  E
'Cause you'd be, oh, so   ea - sy  to love!

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