Embraceable You

Words & Music by Ira & George Gershwin
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1944; from the movie "Girl Crazy"

D         Fdim             A7  Em     A7
Embrace me,   my sweet em-brace-a-ble you; 

Em         C7       A7     D   A7      D
Embrace me,     you ir-re-place-a-ble you. 

Bm               Bm7     C#7        F#m     F#m7      B7
Just one look at you, my heart grew tipsy in me; 

A       Cdim   E7        Cdim     A7 Em7    A   A7 
You, and you alone, bring out the Gyp-sy in me. 

D         Fdim            A7    Em     A7
I love all      the many charms about you; 

Em         C7    A7      D    A7      D
Above all,     I want my arms about you. 

G              Em6     F#7
Don't you be a naughty baby; 

Bm            Bm7           E7
Come to papa, come to papa, do, 

First Time:

D   D9   D  Gdim  A7     D   Bm     F     A7
My sweet em-brace-a-ble you.

Last Time:

D   D9   D  Gdim  A7     D       
My sweet em-brace-a-ble you.

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