Words & Music by Buck Ram
Recorded by The Platters, 1959 (#12)

 D     A7     D7   G       G/F#    Em7      D     Gdim    D
Living is a dream when you make it seem enchanted

 D     Fdim       A     Em7  A7
Lovers take for granted 

 G       Edim      D Cdim              Em7   A7
All the world's aglow -- they ought to know.

D          A7     D7   G       G/F#   Em7    D     Gdim    D
When you touch a star then you really are enchanted

D     Fdim       A       Em7  A7
Find a seed and plant it, 

A         Edim     D   G   D
Love will make it grow.

D7           G              G/F#
It's really grand when you stand 

         Em7            G7
Hand in hand with your lover

      D           G           D      DM7  D7
And thrill to the wonders of night

     E7       Bm7-5  E7      Cdim  E7  Bm7-5        E7   E7/9
And days, too, will amaze you and soon you'll dis - cov - er

      A             E7           A  AM7  A7
Your dreams run to dreams in continuous flight

D       A7   D7   G     G/F#    Em7    D     Gdim    D
Love is ecstasy, it's divine to be enchanted

D         Fdim        A       Em7  A7
When your dreams are slanted           

A7        Edim     D   Gm7   D
Through a lover's eyes.

*Requested by frequent visitor and avowed Platters fan James Andrews.

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