Words & Music by Charlie Chaplin
Recorded by Sarah Vaughan, 1957
From the movie "Limelight," 1951**

Intro: | Dalt - D - Dalt | A7+5 | D - D9 - Bm7 | A7 |

 D   D9  D    D9  Gdim  D    A7   G/B   G   G/F#  Em7
I'll be lov - ing  you  e - ter - nal - ly,

 A7 G/B A7  G/B    A7/6  A7  Em7  Edim   D
With a love that's true, e - ter - nal - ly.

 D9       Em7         Edim    D9
From the start, with - in my heart

   Gdim       G  G/F# G/B   A7     Em7 - A7
It seems I've al  -   ways known

 A  A9   A     G  Em7
The sun would shine

 A   A9   A   Em7      Edim      D    Em7  A7
When you were mine and mine a - lone.

 D   D9  D    D9  Gdim  D    A7   G/B   G   G/F#  Em7
I'll be lov - ing  you  e - ter - nal - ly;

  A7    G/B A7 G/B A7/6 A7 Em7  Edim D
There'll be no one new, my dear, for me.

  D9       Em7        Edim       D9       Gdim     G G/F# G/B  A7  Em7 A7   
Though the sky should fall, re - mem - ber I shall al -   ways be

 A    A9   A   G   G/F#    Em7       A7
For - ev - er true     and lov - ing you

Em7  G  G/F#   Em7 Edim Em7 A7  D
E - ter -           nal -       ly.

*Requested by recent visitor Ed Brown.

**This movie won an Oscar for "Best Original Score" in 1973 -- more than 20 years after its 1951 release. The early 50's were the years of the Hollywood Blacklist, and rightly or wrongly, Chaplin's name was on it -- an action whose fallout back then was immediate, significant and unforgiving. The movie got largely buried in the USA, in part because of that listing. While on a cruise to Europe, Chaplin found himself barred from re-entering the United States, and ultimately made a home in Sweden; he stayed in voluntary "exile" until returning to receive an honorary Oscar in 1972 -- and at his acceptance of the award, Chaplin received a five-minute standing ovation from the studio audience. The following year, now more than 20 years after it was made, the movie re-emerged and played for the first time in the Los Angeles area, thus making it eligible for Oscar consideration.

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