Everybody Loves My Baby

Words & Music by Spencer Williams & Jack Palmer, 1924
Recorded by Doris Day, 1952


Am         Dm7      Am      Dm7
Ev' - ry - bod - y loves my ba - by,

Am     Dm7           Am        Dm7         E7
But my ba - by don't love no - bod - y but me,

     Fdim    E7  Am
No - bod - y but me.

     Am         Dm7      Am      Dm7
Yes, ev' - ry - bod - y wants my ba - by,

Am     Dm7           Am        Dm7      E7
But my ba - by don't want no - body but me,

       Dm7      E7
That's plain to see.

C Am      C         Am
I am his sweet Pa - too - ti,

 C     Am    F          C
And he is my lov - in' man;

C     Am     F      Am
Knows how to do his du - ty,

C        F        C        E7
Loves me like no oth - er can.


Repeat Chorus:

     C      Am      C         Am
Now when my ba - by kis - ses me,

     C     F         C
Up - on my ro - sy cheeks,

C      Am        F         Am
I just let those kis - ses be,

      C        F         E7
Don't wash my face for weeks!


Repeat Chorus:

*Requested by recent visitor Mike Robertson, who also provided a lyric transcription

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