Ev'ry Day Of My Life

Words & Music by Jimmie Crane & Al Jacobs
Recorded by The McGuire Sisters, 1956 (#37)

      Am7 D9     G  Am7alt  G     GM7 G7  C        C/B  Am7
Ev'ry day of my life,         I'll be in love with you;

      Am7/G      D9   Am7  D9   D+5     GM7     G6    
Ev'ry day of my life,         I promise I'll be true.

G    Am7  G/B  C       C/B  Am7    Am7/G     GM7
I'll nev - er make you cry,     and  as  the years go by

    G/F#    Em     B+     Em7  Em6    D9   Am7 D7
I'll always try to do what    pleases you.

      Am7 D9     G  Am7alt  G      GM7       C       C6
Ev'ry day of my life,         I'll need you close to me;

     Am7/G       D9   Am7  D9       D+5          B7
And if I have my way,        that's where you'll always be.

     C         C/B    Cm7     Cm7-5 G          Bm7-5        E7-9  E7
I'll prove how much I love you      o - ver and o - ver a - gain

         Am           Am+7 Am7          D9  Am7    G   Am7alt  G
Ev' - ry mo - ment I live,     ev' - ry day of my life.

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