Words & Music by Carolyn Leigh & Cy Coleman
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1960

G Am7 Bbm7 D   Am7  D9        Am7 D7
I call her firefly,    'cause, oh my, 

G  Gdim       Am7   G    G6
She ra - di - ates moon glow,

D7    Am7           D7   Am7
Wants none of that noon glow,

G              Am7    Edim     Am7 Cdim  G
She starts to glitter when the sun goes down.

Gdim  D      Am7  D9     Em7   D7
By   eight p.m.,    it's may - hem;

G    Am7          G      G6
She switches the brights up, 

E7    Bm7-5   A7         
Lights up and gives me a call,

Gdim   G              A7   D7   G
"Hey, take me to the fireflies ball."


    F#m7    B7            F#7
But when I get her there, set her there,

B7          F#7           E7     Bm7-5        E7
Do I get to pet her there    and grab me some glow?

   Bm7-5    A7         E7        A7           E7      
No, she's a gad-about, mad about lurin' ev'ry lad about

D7    Am7        D7       G6
While leavin' me moanin' low.

Edim  D7 Am7  D7 Em7 Fdim  E7 G    Am7       G  G6
Oh   firefly,    why can't I latch on to you no how?

E7 Bm7-5   A7           Gdim
Oh  how I love you, but gee

G                 B7        Em    A7
While you set the night on fire, fly,

G              Gdim  Am7 G
Shine a little light on me.

Small point, but the Bbm7 in the opening line of this song doesn't need to be played as a fully-shaped chord to work -- just slide the Am7 down 1 fret.

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