Five Foot Two

Words & Music by Ray Henderson, Sam Lewis & Joe Young, 1925
Recorded by The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, 1953

C              E7
Five foot two, eyes of blue,

Oh, what those five feet can do!

    F       G        C   Edim  Dm7  G7
Has anybody seen my gal?

C               E7
Turned up nose, turned down hose --

Flapper?  Yes, sir, one of those.

    F       G        C     F     C
Has anybody seen my gal?


    C/B      E7
Now, if you run into a five foot two

All covered with fur,

Diamond rings and all those things,

G        Gdim    Dm7   G7
Bet your life it isn't her.

G+  C               E7
But could she love, could she woo,

Could she, could she, could she coo?

    F         G     C     Bm7-5   A7
Has anybody seen my gal?

    F        G       C   F   C
Has anybody seen my gal?

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