Fly Me to the Moon

Words & Music by Bart Howard, 1965
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1965 (#82)

Am7           Dm7
Fly me to the moon

            G7             CM7  -   C7
And let me sing among the stars,

 FM7             Bm7-5
Let me see what spring is like

    E7         Am7  -   A7
On Jupiter and Mars;

    Dm7        G7          Em7  -  A7
In other words,   hold my hand;

   Dm7         G7          Bm7-5 E7
In other words,   darling,  kiss me.

Am7                 Dm7
Fill my heart with song,

           G7             CM7  -   C7
And let me sing for ever more;

FM7           Bm7-5
You are all I long for,

      E7           Am7  -   A7
All I worship and adore.

   Dm7         G7     Bb7    Em7-5  -  A7
In other words,    please be true;

    Dm7        G7         C    Cdim   Dm7   G7
In other words,    I love you.

(Second time)

    Dm7         G7         C     Fdim    C
In other words,    I love you.

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