Foolin' Myself

Words & Music by Jack Lawrence & Peter Tinturin
Recorded by Billie Holiday, 1937

A7 D               Fdim
I tell myself I'm through with love,

      D          F#7           B7
That I'll have nothing more to do with love,

G       Edim     D      B7
I stay away, but every day

G   G/F#  Em7   G/B    A7
I'm just foolin' my - self.

A7 D              Fdim
I tell myself that I don't care,

    D        F#7            Gdim     B7
I shrug my shoulders at the whole affair,

    G       Edim     D     B7
But they all know it isn't so,

Em7      A7/6        D
I'm just foolin' myself.

   Edim    B7 Gdim  B7
And ev'ry time I   pass 

   Cdim      Em         B7       Em
And see his face in the looking glass,

  B7     Em  Cdim E7       A7    Cdim      A7
I tip my hat and  say "How do you do, you fool?

G/B     A            G/B  Cdim  A7
You're throwing your life  a - way."

A7   D              Fdim
I'm acting gay, I'm acting proud,

    D      F#7           B7
And every time I see you in a crowd,

G      Edim      D       B7
I just want to shout out loud

Em7      A7/6        D
I'm just foolin' myself.

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