For You

Words & Music by Al Dubin & Joe Burke
Recorded by Glen Gray, 1930, Kenny Sargent vocal

A       D9     A        E7 F#m7  E7  D9  E7
I will gather stars out of the blue,

D9  E7  Bm7  E7 E7/6  A   Edim  E7
For you,        for  you.

     A       D9        A         E7 F#m7 E7
I'll make a string of pearls out of the dew,

D9  E7  Bm7  E7 E7/6 A   C#m7-5
For you,        for you.

F#7     C#m7-5  F#7     Bm   F#7   Bm
Over the high - way and over the street,

B7         Cdim        E7    Bm7-5  E7
Carpets of clover I'll lay at your feet.

Edim           A     D9        A        E7   F#m7 E7
 Oh, there's nothing in this world, I would - n't do

D9  E7  Bm7  E7 E7/6 A
For you,        for you.

Thanks to Stan McGee ( for the suggestion, and for providing an audio source.

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