Golden Earrings

Words & Music by Victor Young, Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1948; From the movie "Golden Earrings"
Subsequently recorded by Catarina Valente, 1959, and Willie Nelson, 1983

Em        Em+5  Em     Am      Am7  Am6  B7
There's a sto - ry the gypsies know is  true

     Em        Am7        B7     Am
That when your love wears golden earrings,

Em    B7       Em
He belongs to you.

   Em       Em+5  Em        Am       Am7  B7
An old love sto - ry that's known to very few,

    Em     Am7        B7     Am
But if you wear those golden earrings,

Em        B7       Em
Love will come to you.


C  C/B  Am7     Am7/G   D   Am7   G/B  Am7
By          the burning fi - re,  they will 

G  G/F# Em      B7     Em   Em/A   G    B7/F#
Glow       with ev'ry coal.

C9  C      Am        D   Am7 G/B   Am7 Em     Em7       B7   
You   will hear de -si - re whis - per low inside your soul.

   Em    Em+5  Em        Am       Am7         B7
So be my gyp - sy; make love your guid - ing light,

     Em     Am7       B7     Am
And let this pair of golden earrings

 Em         B7      Em
Cast their spell tonight.

This arrangement probably owes as much to the 1959 Caterina Valente recording as it does to the Peggy Lee version -- maybe more.

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