Goodbye Little Dream Goodbye

Words & Music by Cole Porter, 1936
Recorded by Susannah McCorkle, 1995

G  G9    G    Am   Am7  Am  Cdim Am  Am7 Am  Am7 Am  G
I first knew love's delight when presto, out of the blue,

G  Am  G   Am    Cdim G    Em7  C         Am         B7
A dream appeared one night and whispered "How do you do?"

   C   Em7 Am7 Em7  Am7 Em7  D9          C  Em7   Am7       Em7  D9
I knew that I  was tempting fate, but I took it straight to my heart;

G   G9    G    Am    Am7 Am Am7 Cdim  G  
My fears were right, and now we must part

B7   Em   C        Am     B7     Em   Am7  B7
Goodbye,   little dream, good - bye, 

     Em        Am   B7  Em             Am  B7 Em
You made my romance sublime, now it's time to fly, 

B7       G                       Cdim
For the stars have fled from the heavens, 

     Em       B7         Em
The moon's deserted the hill, 

       Cdim     Em          Am          Em
And the sultry breeze that sang in the trees 

    Am7      Am    Am7  B7       
Is suddenly strangely still. 

B7   Em   C        Am    B7    Em   Am7  B7
It's done, little dream, it's done, 

   G              G6  G7                   Am
So bid me a fond farewell, we both had our fun. 

       C  C/B    D7/9       G          Am7  G   C
Was it Romeo or Juliet who said, when about to die, 

         Am  Am7  Am     Am7 Cdim
"Love is not all peaches and cream." 

        Am7    D7  G
Little dream, goodbye.

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