Good Morning, Heartache

Words & Music by Dan Fisher, Ervin Drake & Irene Higginbotham
Recorded by Billie Holiday, 1944

Bm                         Bm7/E
Goodmorning heartache, you old gloomy sight;

E                                 Bm       D6       Fdim
Goodmorning heartache, thought we said goodbye last night.

F#m           Am             G#m7            Gm7 
I turned and tossed until it seemed you had gone;

F#m7         Bm7          E7/9     B9
But here you are with the dawn.

Bm                       Bm7/E
Wish I'd forget you, but you're here to stay;

E                          Bm    D6  Fdim
It seems I met you when my love went away.

F#m       Am             G#m7      Gm7
Now every day I start by saying to you,

  F#m7         Bm7        Cdim   E
"Good morning, Heartache, what's new?"


G#7              C#m  G#7             C#      C#7  F#m
Stop haunting me now; can't shake you no how.

C#m7 F#7        B
Just leave me alone

B7    Gm7       F7           Bm7             E7
I've got those Monday blues straight through Sunday blues.

Bm                    Bm7/E
Goodmorning heartache; here we go again.

E                                 Bm       D6     Fdim
Goodmorning heartache, you're the one who knew me when.

F#m                Am         G#m7      Gm7
Might as well get used to you hangin' around

F#m7         F7        Fdim  E6
Goodmorning heartache...sit down.

The attribution to Holiday here is more honorary than accurate; this chart owes far more to a Nancy Wilson version whose origins I don't know in sufficient detail to cite. Thanks to recent visitor Bob Ford for the suggestion.

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