Goody Goody

Words & Music by Matty Malneck & Johnny Mercer
Recorded by Julie London, 1958

E7      A      D9       A          Cdim      A
So you met someone who set you back on your heels --

 A        Ab7    A
Good - y, good - y.

E7      A      D9       A          C#m7-5   F#7
So you met someone and now you know how it feels --

 F#7      Cdim  F#7
Good - y, good - y

       Bm       Edim       Bm
So you gave him your heart too, 

 F#7    Bm     F#7 Edim Bm 
Just as I gave mine to  you

       B7          D9        Cdim      B7
And he broke it in lit - tle piec - es --

D9     Bm7-5     E7
Now how  do  you do?

E7      A    D9       A           Cdim      A
So you lie awake just singin' the blues all night --

 A        Ab7    A
Good - y, good - y

         A         E7       A       Edim        D9 
So you think that love's a barrel of dy - na - mite. 

      DM7     D6        Dm+7      Dm6
Hoo - ray and hal - le - lu - jah, 

    AM7  C#m7-5     F#7   
You had it com - ing to ya.

E7         A      Edim D9
Good - y, good - y for him,  

 A       C#m7-5    Gdim F#7
Good - y, good - y  for me, 

      DM7         D6         E7/6     Bm7-5        A
And I hope you're sat - is - fied, you ras - cal, you!

*Requested by recent visitor Wayne Chambers.

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