Green Dolphin Street

Words & Music by Bronislau Kaper & Ned Washington, 1947
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass, 1986

D                D7/9
Lover, one lovely day, 

 G         Gm7        Gm7sus4 Gm7  D     Cdim
Love came        plan - ning   to stay.

 A    Em7   Cdim   A7    A     Em7  Cdim D6
Green Dol - phin Street sup - plied the setting,

      C7         Gm7      C7      F        A7
The setting for nights beyond forgetting.

A7+5   D                      D7/9
And through these moments a - part,

G           Gm7       Gm7sus4  Gm7   D    Cdim
Mem' - ries       live   in     my heart.

A   Em7 Cdim   A7   A  Em7 Cdim  E7   Bm
When I   re - call the love  I  found on,

E  G/B   E7 Fdim    D6
I could kiss the ground on 

Em7   A7   A7+5   D6
Green Dol - phin Street.

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