Green Eyes

Words & Music by Alolpho Utrera & Nilo Menendez
English Translation by E. Rivera & E. Woods
Recorded by Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, 1941
Vocals by Helen O'Connell & Bob Eberle

(D7)                       GM7   G
Your green eyes with their soft lights,

                        G6    GM7
Your eyes that promise sweet nights

                   G5     G6      Fdim              D7   Fdim   D7                 
Bring to my soul a long - ing, a thirst for love divine.

     C       C/B     Am7  D7     C        C/B   Am7   D7
In dreams I seem to hold you, to find you and enfold you;

                        E7+5   E7          A7           D7   Am7 D7
Our lips meet, and our hearts, too, with a thrill so sublime.

(D7)                   GM7   G
Those cool and limpid green eyes,

                   G6    GM7
A pool where in my love lies

                    G        G6  G6/F#
So deep that in my search - ing

    Bm7-5         Am        E7      Am
For happiness, I fear

     Am+7           C                 Cm7
That they will ever haunt me,

    Gdim                     G    G/F#    E
All through my life they'll taunt me,

    E7             A7             D7
But will they ever want me, Green Eyes?

First Time:

 Am7      D7         G     Am7 alt   D7
Make my dreams come true.

Last Time:

 Am7     D7          G      Am7 alt   G
Make my dreams come true.

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