Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry

Words & Music by Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1958

Intro Verse:

A9           E7      D9        E7
The torch I carry is handsome;

A9              E7           Em9      A6/7/9  A7
It's worth it's heartache in ransome.

A6/7/9 A7  Cdim  D         E
 Now  when that twilight steals,

Cdim E7/9 D9     E7/9  E7 E7/6  E7 D9    Dm6  A
 I   know how the la - dy  in  the har - bor feels.

C#m7        Cm7  Bm7             E7/9    E7
When I want rain, I get sun - ny weath - er

AM7         F#m7        D9   Dm6
I'm just as blue as the sky

AM7           F#7         DM7                 Dm+7  Dm6
Since love is gone, can't pull my - self to - geth - er

A                   D9   E7/6    A
Guess I'll hang my tears out to dry

C#m7           Cm7     Bm7             E7/9  E7
Friends ask me out, but I tell them I'm bus - y --

AM7          F#m7         D9   Dm6
Got to get a new al - i - bi

AM7        F#7      DM7                 Dm+7  Dm6
I stay at home, and ask my - self "Where is  she?"

A                   D9   E7/6    A
Guess I'll hang my tears out to dry


Em7 G/B      A6/7/9  A7  Em7 G/B      A6/7/9  A7
Dry lit - tle tear drops, my lit - tle tear  drops

DM7              D6   A9+5  D
Hang - ing on a stream of dreams

C#7                     F#m7
Fly, little mem' - ries, my lit - tle mem' - ries

     Bm9             F7        E7
Re - mind her of our cra - zy schemes

     C#m7           Cm7   Bm7                E7/9  E7
Yes, some - bod - y said "Just for - get a - bout her,"

  AM7          F#m7           D9   Dm6
So I gave that treat - ment a try,

    AM7               F#7     DM7                 Dm+7 Dm6
And strange - ly e - nough, I got a - long with - out  her --

 A       E7  A7sus4 AM7      C#m7-5 F#7  Fdim E7/9
Then one day  she  passed me right  by -- oh, well,

E7  D9       Fdim    E7/6 Bm7-5   A
I guess I'll hang my tears out to dry.

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