Half-Way Down the Street

Words & Music by Kim Gannon & Guy Wood
Recorded by Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, 1940, Frank Sinatra vocal

 Em7 A7 D                 F#7
Just a  halfway down the street 

   G        G/F#    Em7    Edim      D       B7  Em7  A7
Is where we used to meet to do our dreaming.

        D            F#7
It was just a vacant lot, 

     G     G/F#   Em7        Edim        D       B7  Em7  A7  G
But what a lovely spot when stars were gleaming.

             G/F#      Em7        A7  G
There wasn't too much room there, 

          Edim         D6         D
And roses weren't in bloom there,

        Bm        F#7    Bm   Cdim  G    G/F#  Em7 Edim   A
But it still was mighty sweet just half - way down the street.

Em7   D                 F#7
By a sign that said For Sale, 

   G      G/F#  Em7      Edim      D       B7  Em7  A7
We wove a fairy tale but kept it quiet.

         D              A7
We were dreaming of the day 

          D9        A7     D7    D7/9   G
We could step right up and say, "We'll buy it."

        G6             G/B      E7/9              E7
Just by way of showing you that fairy tales come true,

       D6                 F#m      B7
We'll show you one that's all complete.

A7         D   F#m     Bm
If you'll visit us someday 

Bm7/E     G      G/F#   Em7/9 A6/7/9   D
 In  our cottage halfway down   the street.

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