A Handful of Stars

Words & Music by Jack Lawrence & Ted Shapiro
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1938

A             F#7         Bm7-5   Dm6      Cdim
I recall the story, that night of love and glory,

  A                   A7             D6   Dm6
A night that left my heart romantic scars;

   A     A9  A       F#7      Bm7-5                Dm6
We stood so near to Heaven that I reached clear to Heaven

     E7            E7+5        A6
And gathered you a handful of stars.

  A              F#7       Bm7-5  Dm6    Cdim
Sweet remembered hour when love began to flower

      A                     A7                D6   Dm6
With moonlight through the trees like silver bars;

     A     A9    A   F#7      Bm7-5                Dm6
And as the moon grew older, I reached across your shoulder

    D9             E7+5         A6
And gathered you a handful of stars.


A  A9    A   C#m  C#m7  C#m      C#m7     G#         G#7     G#
I placed my fingertips upon your lips and stars fell in your eyes;

C#m             C#m7         C#7
Moonglow made a halo of your hair,

 E           Fdim              F#m            B7
Suddenly you looked at me and dreams began to rise --

E         E9    E    E9    E   E7         E7/6    E7
Oh, what things un - spo - ken trem - bled in the air.

       A              F#7         Bm7-5      Dm6      Cdim
Our hearts were madly beating, and then our lips were meeting,

     A               A7             D6   Dm6
And Venus seemed to melt right into Mars.

    A     A9    A     F#7          Bm7-5          Dm6
And while we stood caressing, blue Heaven sent a blessing --

   D9       E7+5        A6
A shower of handful of stars.

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