Happy Days and Lonely Nights

Words & Music by Fred Fisher & Billy Rose, 1928
Recorded by The Fontane Sisters, 1954 (#18)

D        Bm7     F#7
With the parting of the ways 

G        Em7     D     B7
You took all my happy days

G   Em7      A    A7+5  D     B7   G   A
And left me lone - ly nights

D        Bm7   F#7
Morning never comes too soon 

G     Em7      D           B7
I can face the af - ter - noon

G   E7          A    A7+5  D    Gdim   D    D7
But oh!  Those lone - ly nights

   G6       G/B    F#7
I feel your arms around me 

      B7    Cdim   B7
Your kisses linger yet

     E7/6      E     E7/6      E
You taught me how to love you 

     G6  Cdim G6 G/B    A   A7+5
Now teach me  to for - get

     D        Bm7     F#7
You broke my heart a million ways 

G        Em7          D     B7
When you took those happy days

G    E7      A    A7+5  D 
And left me lone - ly nights

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