Harbor Lights

Words & Music by Jimmy Kennedy & Hugh Williams, 1937
Recorded by The Platters, 1960

C          G7
I saw the harbor lights;

                          Cdim -  C
They only told me we were part - ing,

     C/B      Dm      G7
The same old harbor lights

     Gdim         Dm7 G7 C
That once brought you to me.

C             G7
I watched the harbor lights;

                               Cdim  - C
How could I help if tears were start - ing?

     C/B     Dm      G7
Good-bye to tender nights

  Gdim     Dm7 G7   C     Fdim    C
Beside the sil-ver sea.


I longed to hold you tight

   Fm         Fdim       C     C/B    Am7
And kiss you just once more;

   Am7/G     D7
But you were on the ship,

   Dm7    D7       G7
And I was on the shore. 

C             G7
Now I know lonely nights,

                              Cdim   - C
For all the while my heart is whis'  - pring,

        C/B  Dm      G7
"Some other harbor lights

      Gdim      Dm7   G7  C
Will steal your love from me."

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