Have You Met Miss Jones?

Words & Music by Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers
Recorded by Mel Torme, 1954
From the Broadway musical "I'd Rather Be Right," 1937

DM7                Cdim
"Have you met Miss Jones?" 

Em7     G/B    A7sus4       A7 
Someone said as  we  shook hands;

        F#m7       Bm7     Em7    A7
She was just Miss Jones to me.

    DM7                Cdim
And then I said, "Miss Jones, 

Em7     G/B     A7sus4   A7
You're a girl who understands

D    F#m7     Bm7  Gm7 A7
I'm a man who must be free."


    Gdim    DM7   F#m7      Bb7
And all at once I lost my breath, 

           Gm7      C#m7-5     F#7
And all at once was scared to death,

    A7     D      F#m7       Bm7  F7  A7  G/B A7
And all at once I owned the earth and sky.

A7+5 DM7                Cdim
And  now I've met Miss Jones, 

Em7       G/B    A7sus4    A7     B7    Em7
And we'll keep on meeting till we die,

First Time:

     A7+5      D   Cdim(IV) G/B  A7
Miss Jones and I.

Last Time:

     A7+5      D F#m7  Em7     A7+5      D F#m7 Em7     A7+5     D6
Miss Jones and I,         Miss Jones and I,        Miss Jones and I.

Suggested by Dirk H. from Belgium -- thanks, Dirk!

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