Words & Music by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
Recorded by Eddie Fisher, 1955 (#6)
From the Broadway musical "Damn Yankees"

G       Dm7         G   D7  G7
You've gotta have heart; 

         G+             C      C/B  A7
All you really need is heart.

         Gdim            F
When the odds are sayin you'll never win,

Fdim(III)         Fdim         C       Dm7  G
 That's  when the grin should start.

G       Dm7         G   D7  G7
You've gotta have hope -- 

        G+             C      C/B  A7
Mustn't sit around and mope.

        Gdim            F
Nothin's half as bad as it may appear;

Fdim(III)     Fdim       C  Fdim  C
 Wait'll next year and hope


When your luck is battin' zero,

Get your chin up off the floor,

         D           D7
Mister, you can be a hero --

        Dm7       G
You can open any door.

               D7              G
There's nothin to it but to do it.

G       Dm7         G   D7  G7
You gotta have heart, 

          G+                  C    C/B  A7
Miles and miles and miles of heart

        Gdim          F
Oh it's fine to be a genius of course

    Fm                              C    CB  A7
But keep that old horse before the cart

Dm7	         G7          C    F    C
First you've gotta have heart

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