Words & Music by John Klenner & Al Hoffman, 1931
Popularized by Ted Weems Orchestra, 1947
(They had recorded the song over 10 years earlier)

G6       G     F#7      
Heart - aches, heart - aches,

G                        F7       E7
My loving you meant only heart - aches.

Am             D7            G/B     Em
Your kiss was such a sacred thing to me;

A7                          Cm         D7
I can't believe it's just a burn - ing mem - o - ry.

G6               F#7
Heart - aches, heart - aches --

G                   G7  F#7  F7    E7
What does it matter how my heart breaks?

Am          Cm          G    G/F#  A7
I should be happy with some - one new,

    Am7  D7   Am7  D7   G
But my heart aches for you.

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