Heart and Soul

Words & Music by Frank Loesser & Hoagy Carmichael
Recorded by Larry Clinton, 1939 (#1)*

F         Dm7  Gm7         C7
Heart and soul, I fell in love with you

F          Dm7  Gm7          C7            F    D7
Heart and soul,   the way a fool would do mad - ly

Gm7          C7       F
Because you held me tight

D7             Gm7         C7
   And stole a kiss in the night

F          Dm7 Gm7          C7
Heart and soul, I begged to be adored

F       Dm7  Gm7             C7           F    D7
Lost control,    and tumbled overboard, glad - ly

Gm7          C7       F     D7          F     F7
That magic night we kissed there in the moon mist.

Bb7          A7         D7     G7    C7   F7  E7     A7
Oh but your lips were thril - ling, much too thril - ling

Bb7      A7        D7  G7  C7       F7  E7     C7
Never before were mine so strange - ly will - ing

    F     Dm7  Gm7            C7
But now I see,    what one embrace can do

F       Dm7 Gm7            C7         F     D7
Look at me,   it's got me loving you mad - ly

G7           C7       A7   D7   G7           C7        F
That little kiss you stole     held all my heart and soul.

*3 versions charted in 1939: Larry Clinton (# 1); Eddy Duchin (# 12); and Al Donohue (# 16). Later charted as # 11 in 1952 by The Four Aces, by Larry Maddox (1956, #57) by The Cleftones (1961, #18) and by Jan and Dean (1961, #25)

This chart was produced and sent to me by recent visitor Paul Brosseau (PaulBrosseau@comcast.net)

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