The Gang That Sang
Heart Of My Heart

Words & Music by Ben Ryan, 1926
Recorded by Don Cornel, 1953 (#10)
Also recorded by The Four Lads, Alan Dale & Johnny Desmond

  C   Cdim     C      Cdim    G      Cdim        G 
"Heart of My Heart,"      I love that mel  o - dy;

   G   Cdim    G    Fdim        C    Dm7   C        C/B  C/Bb
"Heart of My Heart"     brings back those memories,

 A7  Gdim     A7          D7   Fdim       D7
When we were kids on the corner of the street,

 D      Cdim       D7
We were rough and ready guys,

      G     Cdim  Dm7   G5  Fdim   G7
But, oh, how we  could har  mo - nize,

C    Cdim     C    Cdim        G            Cdim   G7
Heart of my heart,      meant friends were dearer then --

Fdim       G7  Bm7-5  E7
Too bad we had  to   part,

   A7    Fdim         A7
I know a tear would glisten

     D      Cdim      D7
If once more I could listen,

F      Fdim       G          Fdim    C     C/B  C/Bb  A7
To the gang that sang "Heart of My Heart,"  of   my  heart 

D   DM7  D7       F           G       C               
To the gang that sang "Heart of My Heart,"  

 C5   Cdim  Dm7   C
Heart  of   My  Heart.

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