Here In My Heart

Words & Music by Bill Borrelli, Pat Genaro, Joe Csida & Lou Levinson
Recorded by Al Martino, 1952 (#1)

Intro;  C#m7  Cdim  D9  E7-9

 A          F#m        C#7          D
Here in my heart I'm alone, I'm so lonely;

 E   D9      E  Cdim     E7    D9     AM7    C#m7-5
Here in my heart I just yearn for you only.

 F#7              C#m7-5  F#7           Bm
Here in my arms              I long to hold you,
 G#7              Cdim       G#7         C#m  Cdim Bm7-5   E7
Hold you so near,      ever close to my heart, so   dar - ling

 A           F#m              C#7           D
Say that you care, take this heart I give gladly;

E   D9      E  Cdim     E7    D9     AM7    C#m7-5
Surely you know I need your love so badly.

Dm          Dm+7  Dm7   Fdim(III)        A  C#m7-5  F#7
Here is my heart,    my   life,  and my all,       dear --

 Bm    F#7 Bm7  E7      D9   E7 Cim E7   A
Please be mine     and stay here in my heart.

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