Hernando's Hideaway

Words & Music by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
From the Broadway musical "The Pajama Game"
Recorded by Archie Bleyer, 1954

Cdim    B7  Cdim B7   Cdim  B7
I       know  a  dark se - clu - ded place,

A place where no one knows your face;

Cdim    B7  Cdim  B7  Cdim  B7
A     glass  of  wine, a   fast embrace --

      Em      B7        Em      B7    Em
It's called Hernando's Hideaway (o - le!)

B7  Cdim B7 Cdim  B7
All you see  are  sil - hou - ettes,

And all you hear are castanets,

Cdim B7 Cdim B7  Cdim  B7
And  no one cares how late it gets,

    Em     B7           Em  B7  Em
Not at Hernando's Hideaway (o - le!)


At the golden finger bowl or anyplace you go,

Em                 E7            Am
You will meet your uncle Max and ev'ryone you know;

But if you go to that spot that I am thinking of,

F#7            Cdim   F#7          Cdim       B7
   You will be free      to gaze at me   and talk of love.

Cdim B7     Cdim  B7  Cdim  B7
Just knock three times and whisper low

That you and I were sent by Joe,

Cdim   B7  Cdim  B7  Cdim  B7
Then strike a  match and  you will know

      Em     B7            Em B7   Em
You're in Hernando's Hideaway (o - le!)

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